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The Reboot

The Reboot

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Combining years of self exploration and study, with guidance from health and wellness professionals to overcome my own digestive distress, this 21 day guide provides you with the tools you need to make new discoveries and healthy choices about the foods that will best nourish you.

Following the phases in this guide will promote a healthy digestive system and stronger immunity, which in turn will lead you to a well functioning body, elevated mood, and joyful spirit. The goal of the reset is to solely consume nutrient dense foods to increase the body's natural ability to renew itself by ridding inflammation, toxins, and excess bacteria.

After just a few days of cleansing, you'll feel more confident and proud of yourself, know how to take better care of yourself, have clear thoughts and better attention, feel calm and in control of your lives, and generally have a more positive outlook on life.

The most rewarding thing you can do is to take care of your own health. That's true Self-Love.

Benefits include:
• Improved digestion
• Regular bowel movements
• Reduction in inflammation/weight loss
• Decreased sugar cravings
• Better sleep
• Reduced brain fog
• More energy
• Clearer and brighter skin

29 delicious recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, cozy drinks) are included for the entire 21 days, a full shopping list, sample daily meal plans, wellness practices and loads of tips, the list goes on! The journey begins now. Get ready to discover a lighter and brighter more radical you

This is a digital download with 50+ pages of content. Right after checkout you will get both - a notice to instantly download the pdf as well as an email with a link to download. Be sure to check your 'downloads folder' right after downloading. If for some reason you do not receive the email right away, check your junk or promotions folder in gmail.

By purchasing this ebook you are supporting a small business and a family, I kindly ask you not to share any of the content without prior written consent from the author.

You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, modify, create derivative works, or in any other way exploit any part of copyrighted material without the prior written permission from the author.  


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